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The dental needs of a person vary at different ages. An infant with fewer primary teeth should care differently when compared to the treatment offered to adults and senior citizens. Family dentistry is where people of all age groups can avail dental treatment based on their respective needs. Family dentists are professionals who are capable of treating both children and adults, during the dental problem and preventing it from reoccurring in the future. So what basic treatment is performed under family dentistry? How can this treatment help improve a person’s oral health? Speak to our family dentist in Glendale, CA, who has several years of experience in dentistry, treating patients who have different dental care needs.

Dental care for children and teens

The aim of family dentistry is to identify and prevent dental diseases at an early stage. The food habits of children and teens are different from those of adults. Consumption of sugary food and wrong practices, such as improper bottle-feeding, can increase the chances of tooth decay in children. Routine checkup with our family dentist will involve a thorough examination of the oral cavity. X-rays are taken if necessary. Our dentist looks for signs of tooth decay and restores the infected tooth using dental fillings. If a tooth is severely decayed, it is restored using caps or extracted. Fluoride application is also part of the routine dental checkup from our family dentist in Glendale. Fluoride has proven to reduce the chances of dental infection in people of all age groups. Our dentist takes the necessary steps to avoid orthodontic problems, as the child grows up. Teenage is the age when people seem to be more concerned about their appearance. Cosmetic treatments can enhance the beauty of the smile, while general care can maintain their oral health.

Dental care for adults

The dental care for adults has more to do with the prevention of teeth and gums diseases and improvement of the aesthetics of the smile. The routine dental checkup from a family dentist will involve examination to identify malignant lesions and treating the same. The dentist also restores decayed tooth using dental crowns and dental fillings. Tooth bonding, application of dental veneers and teeth whitening are few procedures performed by family dentists to improve the aesthetics of the smile. Dental prophylaxis or professional dental cleaning can help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases in adults.

Dental care for seniors

The dental care needs of seniors vary drastically from adults because of medicines they consume, hygiene problems, dental prosthesis, and several other factors. Dry mouth, teeth loss, root decay, and darkened teeth are few common problems faced by seniors. A family dentist is very careful when treating these problems. Few routine oral care tips and some restorative measures from family dentists can go a long way for the patients.

Importance of a Family Dentist

Your mouth is a window to your overall health. When your oral cavity is suffering problems like teeth decay, gum infection and malocclusion there may be long-term effects on your overall health. Therefore protection of teeth and gums is absolutely necessary to stay healthy and lead a happier life. According to the American Dental Association, a person should visit a dentist at least twice a year for a routine dental check-up. During this visit, dentists perform a thorough examination, looking for oral health problems and taking steps to cure the same. When you are associated with a family dentist, the oral care you receive can be more effective, since the dental professional may be well aware of your medical dental history.

The dentist knows you very well

One of the major benefits of the family dentist is, he/she knows you pretty well. If you are associated with the dentist for quite some time, your medical and dental history is known. The professional also knows your fears and causes for your discomforts. A lot of care will be taken to ensure that you are comfortable during your visit.

Early detection and prevention of dental problems

Family dentists primarily focus on looking for early signs of dental infection and taking steps to cure the same, if detected. This prevents dental problems and improves oral health. Dentists warn patients about possible food items or other habits that may be the cause for the problem.

Educating patients on oral hygiene

Family dentists do not stop at curing and preventing dental infection. The aim is to educate people about dental hygiene and good habits that can improve oral health. This valuable information can only be provided by dentists who are well-aware of your oral health and practices.

One stop for all dental needs

A family dentistry practice is a one-stop solution for all dental needs of people of different age groups. A family dentist knows how to handle children, teens, and adults. Since the dental professional has experience treating patients of different age groups, he/she can quickly understand the needs and take the necessary steps to improve the oral health of patients.

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