Laser Dentistry Glendale

Laser Dentistry Glendale

Laser dentistry is being increasingly used by dentists all over the world to improve the efficiency, speed, and outcomes of numerous dental procedures.

A laser is a highly focused beam of light, used by medical professionals for altering or removing small amounts of tissue in different parts of the body. Dentistry has also taken to laser technology and is using it for removing overgrown tissues, whitening teeth, and even reshaping gums. In fact, laser dentistry might be a perfect option for younger children as well as for those patients who feel afraid or anxious about any kind of dental work.

The primary advantage of a laser is that the dentist can control the exposure duration and there is no damage to the surrounding tissues. At Smile Dental Practice, we specialize in laser dentistry and use the following two types of lasers; Hard tissue lasers and Soft tissue lasers.

Hard tissue lasers

The wavelength of hard tissue lasers are absorbed extremely well by water and hydroxyapatite. Hence these lasers are more efficient at cutting through the tooth structure. Hard tissue lasers are primarily used for cutting into the teeth and bones with high accuracy.

Soft tissue lasers

The wavelength of soft tissue lasers are absorbed extremely well by hemoglobin and water. Hence, these are more efficient for managing soft tissues. Soft tissue lasers like diode lasers and Neodymium YAG may be utilized in periodontal treatment as they are effective in killing bacteria and activating tissue regrowth.

With continued expansion in the application of dental lasers, more and more dentists are using this technology for offering precision treatments to patients. These laser-assisted treatments are helpful in minimizing pain as well as recovery time.

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