Metal-Free Fillings Glendale

Metal-Free Fillings Glendale

Metal-free fillings may also be referred to as ‘composite resin fillings’. These are eco-friendly fillings that match the color of your teeth. These fillings are usually a mix of quartz or glass filler and resin and resemble the natural color of your teeth.

Benefits of metal-free fillings

Most people are unaware that the metals in amalgam fillings may produce electrical currents, which could have an adverse effect on your health. Metal fillings could also lead to decay. They contract and expand when responding to heat at a very different speed when compared to natural tooth enamel. This is why you may experience cold and heat sensitivity. Upon expansion, the filling will likely pressure the enamel and lead to cracking.

For patients who don’t wish to deal with the problems related to regular amalgam fillings, we offer the option of metal-free fillings. These advanced white fillings are designed to match the exact color of your teeth and make tooth repair absolutely unnoticeable. Composite resin fillings will bind to the teeth without causing any problems of thermal contraction and expansion. Further, since it is possible to place these fillings in the smaller spaces of your teeth, minimal tooth structure will be removed in the preparation process.

Metal-free fillings procedure

At Smile Dental Practice, the dentist starts the dental repair procedure by removing the decayed part of your tooth. We then etch the tooth and apply a bonding substance and gel. This allows the metal-free filling to stick to the tooth. Finally, the resin is placed in the different layers of the tooth and is cured, trimmed, and polished.

Metal-free fillings are not only cosmetically appealing but also highly comfortable and durable. They easily outlast standard amalgam fillings and also add strength to the teeth.

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