Bonding refers to the process of applying a resin material with the help of adhesives and curing light of high intensity. The resin material is designed to match the natural color of your teeth.

The bonding procedure is usually used for various kinds of cosmetic purposes and may help enhance the look of a chipped or discolored tooth. It may also be used for closing gaps between teeth and to alter teeth color or shape.


At Smile Dental Practice, we specialize in treating damaged or poorly colored or shaped teeth with bonding. A major benefit is that virtually zero preparation is required for the procedure. Also, anesthesia is not typically used, unless the patient’s tooth is decayed.

During the procedure we will use a shade chart to help choose the right resin color that closely matches your tooth. When the color is selected, we then gently etch or abrade the tooth surface, roughening it for preparation. This is followed by a light coating of the tooth with a special conditioning fluid. This liquid helps in sticking the resin material to the tooth.

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The bonding treatment can usually be completed in a single short visit to the dentist’s office. When several teeth require treatment, more visits are needed. As opposed to crowns and veneers, bonding requires zero or minimal tooth enamel removal.


Since the strength provided by a bond is not the same as a real tooth, it is vital to avoid certain habits like using your teeth to open food packaging, biting fingernails, and chewing on pen caps. Also, certain substances such as tea, coffee, and tobacco have the effect of staining the resin and must be avoided.

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