Four Warning Signs of Root Canal Infection

When there is an infection in the tooth's pulp cavity, the patient may experience excruciating pain and discomfort, leading to root canals treatment. There are blood vessels and nerves in the dental pulp. When infected, it results in searing pain. In our previous blog we have discussed about five ways to know if you require root canals in Glendale. It is thus important to know more about the warning signs of the infection to know when to visit Dr. Edik Haghverdian, a reputed Glendale dentist at Smile Dental Practice. Here are a few warning signs that you should keep in mind to know if there is a need for root canal treatment.

4 Warning Signs of Root Canals in Glendale:

It is imperative to know more about the warning or tell-tale signs of root canal infection. Identifying these signs early on helps prevent the further spread of infection. Else it will lead to tooth loss in certain cases. After the problem is diagnosed, the dentist may suggest undergoing root canals treatment in Glendale to remove the infected pulp.

  1. Swollen Gums:

    Our gums hold up and encompass the teeth. In case when there is an infection in the tooth, the gums also get infected. It is the fundamental warning signal which conveys that the root canals in Glendale might be damaged. Gums get swollen when there is a dental abscess. It is the direct consequence of tooth infection. Gums not only get swollen but also feel tender and reddish. This symptom must be immediately paid attention to by paying a visit to a dentist.

  2. Excruciating Pain:

    Another warning sign that you may have an infected root canal is the excruciating pain and discomfort experienced when a tooth is infected. When the pain is unbearable and undiminishing, it is suggested to consult the dentist and get the issue diagnosed. If the pulp is infected, it will be removed in the root canal treatment in Glendale, removing the cause of pain.

  3. Tooth Sensitivity:

    If you feel extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, it may be due to tooth pulp infection. The nerves present in the tooth's root might be infected, resulting in infection sensitivity. This sensitivity is experienced when exposed to excessively hot or cold sensations. It is advised to visit a Saturday dentist in Glendale immediately and get it diagnosed.

  4. Persistent Fever:

    Oral infection can lead to swollen lymph nodes, fever, and other infection symptoms. A visit to the Saturday dentist in Glendale and a thorough checkup can help identify the problem and avail treatment.

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