What is a Dental implant and its Benefits

Loss of natural teeth can cause several problems to oral health and overall health. Tooth loss can occur from accidental injuries, caries, periodontal disease and aging. Ignorance of oral care is one of the prime causes for tooth loss. There are a few types of teeth restorations in dental science that help replace lost tooth. Dental implants are one of the finest options for restoring lost teeth. The implant wonderfully integrates with the jawbone and provides great stability to the tooth replacement. Dr. Hagverdian has been providing dental care to the people of Glendale, CA and other nearby localities for many years. Dental implant surgery is one of the dental procedures we perform at our office to improve oral health of our valuable patients.

Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

We will explain the top 10 reasons why people choose dental implants and why it has been the first choice of many people to restore missing tooth or teeth.

  1. The very first reason why dental implant has been the major pick is due to its long-lasting ability. Traditional dental bridges may only last few years (say 5-7 years and with good care, it may last more than 10 years). However, dental bridges at some point will need a replacement. On the other side, a dental implant with proper care and periodic dental visits can last a lifetime.
  2. Dental implants look, feel and function of natural teeth as it is firmly fused into the jaw bone. Other options like dentures can obstruct while eating, speaking and make other day-to-day activities cumbersome.
  3. Options other than dental implant do not give natural look to the teeth thus often people hesitate to speak, eat and laugh in public. But with the dental implant, life would be much comfortable and easier.
  4. A dental implant is permanently fused into jaw bone due to which the implant will get firm support, thus there will be no anxiety that would remain about the fall-out of the dental appliances (dental implant). Generally, other options such as removable-dentures or other tooth-supported fixes will limit one's ability to join in the fun activity, as there is a continuous concern about the fall-out of dental replacement.
  5. Once tooth loss has occurred the face will droop and look sunken as the gum tissue decreases gradually when there is no tooth or teeth. Even dentures and dental bridges which are considered to be the common replacements for a dental implant cannot restrict the gums from getting decreased. Therefore, when treated at the earliest with dental implant one can avoid the decrease of the gum tissue.
  6. Freedom to eat! Once an implant is placed there are no restrictions to eat favorite food as the bite with an implant is more like natural teeth. Dentures can make eating cumbersome but with an implant, one can make the experience of food more enjoyable.
  7. When placing a dental bridge or tooth-supported bridge the healthy teeth residing beside the missing tooth site will have to sacrifice. "How?" can be the question. Because the bridge which is placed at the site requires etching or grinding away some part of the teeth ( which are residing beside missing tooth site ) so that the bridge can be fixed firmly. In this way the teeth which are residing on either side of the missing tooth site, though they are healthy, have to be ground or modified according to the need.
  8. Unlike dentures, one doesn't have to keep the dental implant in any cup or glass of water. One can keep their teeth where they belonged - that is the "mouth".
  9. There is no special care needed for the dental implant. Normal oral hygiene and oral-care are sufficient to make the teeth care better and everlasting. However, a frequent dental visit is required to measure the health of the dental implant
  10. Once tooth or teeth are lost, it leaves behind space in the mouth which leads to various health issues. One such major dental health issue is the deterioration of one's jaw bone. Until the jaw bone supports teeth there will not be any threat to the jaw bone, but once there is any missing teeth or tooth the jaw bone can reduce itself thereby losing much of its strength. But there is no need to worry as a dental implant can still act as a lifesaver in these conditions too. It is the only procedure which can restore and preserve the natural bone.


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