Will the Root Canal Procedure Rescue My Teeth?

If you are suffering from infected and inflamed dental pulp, you must not delay the treatment. Consider consulting a Saturday dentist regarding the possibilities of a root canal or endodontic treatment. Dental pulp is a formation of connective tissues and blood vessels. In our previous blog, we have explained 8 points conveying the need for root canals in Glendale. However, the root canal treatment can repair and save a severely damaged tooth without extraction.

4 Indications of an Infected Root Canal in Glendale:

A minor pain, tenderness and discomfort after the root canal procedure is very normal. It can often last some days. If the pain persists into intense discomfort it indicates the infection of the root canal. If not treated properly the pain can last upto years. Some indications of infection are:

  1. Severity of the pain ranges from mild to unbearable. While exposed to pressure or temperature the pain can increase.
  2. Greenish, yellowish or discolored discharge of pus.
  3. Gumline surrounding the tooth can become swollen and can spread towards the face and neck.
  4. A sense of bad taste and smell in breath can occur due to infected tissue.

Root Canals Treatment in Glendale:

Root canals in Glendale is a very widely known endodontic form of procedure. It is performed when the central part of the dental pulp’s nerve, connecting tissues and blood vessels, becomes severely inflamed or infected. The procedure can possibly save the poorly infected tooth from getting extracted. As per the report, root canal treatment has a survival rate of ten years.

Necessity of Root Canal Treatment in Glendale:

Root canals is a very common procedure. If not performed on time, the postponement can lead to severe dental conditions. If left untreated for a prolonged period of time the infection can spread rapidly. It can also increase the chances of teeth getting extracted or one may develop severe endodontic conditions.

Whitening Your Teeth Post Your Root Canal Procedure:

After carrying out a root canal treatment, many individuals experience their teeth getting darker. The removal of the infected dental pulp can rupture the living vessels and pigments. This stains the tooth that becomes visible through the enamel. Often the filling materials cause discoloration of teeth.

Endodontic teeth whitening in Glendale can help to access the removed pulp tissue and whiten the affected tooth. Often the dentist performs the treatment while following the root canal.

You can get relief from the lingering pain and discomfort as the procedure relieves inflammation from the pulp. Despite being very rare, root canal infection can occur if proper maintenance of dental hygiene is not followed.

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