Can I Have Orthodontic Treatment if I Have a Root Canal in My Tooth?

Before undergoing any orthodontic treatment, patients often have multiple doubts and queries regarding the procedure. One of the most common questions is whether they can undergo the treatment if they have done root canal before. Adults are increasingly receiving orthodontic treatment. Most older patients have repaired their teeth substantially.

Some individuals who have had root canal procedures are afraid that their teeth cannot be relocated. In our previous blog, we have explained how root canals treatment in Glendale saves teeth. However, such dental operations may cause the alignment of the teeth within the mouth to shift, thereby jeopardizing the other pricey dental works that's already done. Read on to get a clear answer about orthodontic treatment and root canal from below.

4 Solutions About Orthodontic Treatment After Root Canals in Glendale:

  1. Braces as Orthodontic Procedure:

    The "orthodontic treatment" in question can include a wide variety of dental procedures. The answer needs to be adjusted accordingly. For example, in case of braces, usually the dentist doesn't encourage permanent braces if the root canal already exists. Only exception can be that of transparent invisalign treatments in Glendale. The traditional advice is to wear removable braces. But this takes longer to correct tooth straightening issues.

  2. Should the Root Canal Be Replaced?

    Sadly, no fixed answer exists for this question. It depends on person to person. The important fact to notice is that a cosmetic dentist in Glendale would analyze everything before fitting you with braces. This would cover the general health of the mouth, including the stability of gums and teeth. Keep in mind that even with the greatest orthodontists, certain complications may develop. But the proportion of such instances are rare.

  3. Waiting Time:

    Based on the intensity of the situation, it may take several weeks to many months following the root canal until any orthodontic treatment can be undertaken. It is essential to consult with one's dentist in Glendale about their own condition in order to establish after how many days of root canal surgery, one can begin orthodontic care.

  4. Final Take:

    Furthermore, orthodontic additions like braces can be placed on teeth that have recently undergone root canals in Glendale. However, your orthodontist may opt to construct the braces such that they move your teeth more slowly. In summary, it is perfectly safe to get orthodontic therapy while undergoing a root canal.


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