Is the Invisalign Treatments Effective?

Invisalign has emerged as an alternative treatment option to traditional braces for getting a beautiful, straight smile. What makes this option so popular among people, especially teens and young adults, is its appearance. In our previous blog, we have explained about can we go for teeth whitening while undergoing Invisalign treatment in Glendale? Read on to discover some compelling reasons to opt for invisalign below.

While an Invisalign does the same job as traditional metal braces, the former involves the use of virtually invisible trays made of FDA-approved plastic. It means anyone wearing an Invisalign tray will not have to worry about their appearance that is generally undermined when wearing metal braces.

Does Invisalign Treatments in Glendale Really Work?

For the uninitiated, Invisalign treatment is ideal if the individual has issues like overbite, open bite, crossbite, underbite, crowded teeth, and gaps between the teeth. While this popular orthodontic treatment is found to be useful, it only works on mild to moderate cases. So whether Invisalign treatments in Glendale is for you or not can only be determined after a personalized dental assessment by a professional specializing in Invisalign.

Work Process & Effectiveness of Invisalign Treatments in Glendale:

The process starts with a personalized consultation and assessment, after which the orthodontist takes 3D scans of the patient's teeth structure to make customized clear plastic trays. Patients are supposed to wear these invisalign trays for at least 20-22 hours a day for the best results. As the teeth get gently forced to move their place over a period, the dentist in Glendale will give you a new pair of trays that fit the new teeth arrangement.

Duration of The Invisalign Treatments in Glendale:

The process can go for as long as eighteen months or more. Depending upon individual cases the time consumed can differ. Three months is the minimum duration of Invisalign treatments in Glendale. But if you manage to follow all the instructions given by the Invisalign expert, you are likely to experience benefits sooner.

Why Must You Consider Invisalign Treatments in Glendale?

If you're someone who doesn't like wearing metal braces due to aesthetics and comfort reasons, you should give Invisalign treatments in Glendale a thought. However, proceed with it only if you're comfortable with frequent clinic visits every two to three weeks.

Avail Invisalign Treatments in Glendale from a Reliable Professional:

Patients can always get the best results when they are getting treated by experienced and trustworthy dental experts. For the best outcome, you should consult Dr. Edik Haghverdian, working at Smile Dental Practice. Dr. Edik, along with other dental practitioners working at this clinic offer a wide range of dental services. Smile Dental Practice provides reliable Invisalign treatments in Glendale. Therefore consider Dr. Edik Haghverdian if you are in Glendale. Browse through our website of Smile Dental Practice for more information. Dial us at 818-500-7740 to have a conversation with a representative right away.


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